• WII Acbegone Moisturizing Essence Gel

    WII Acbegone Moisturizing Essence Gel

    This gel is formulated for acne and blemishes prone skin. It helps repair damage skin while moisturizes the skin to prevent future breakouts.


    • Purified Water- physically processed to remove impurities.
    • Glycerin- (also referred to as glycerol) is a skin-friendly humectants which attracts water to the skin as well as a binding ingredient that occurs naturally in vegetable, as well as as animal lipids.
    • PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil- a vegetable oil derived from the castor bean. Used in cosmetics as an emollient, it forms a hard film when dry.
    • Allantoin- occurs in nature in plants like Horse Chestnut, Wheat Germs, and Beetroot etc. Stimulates cell regeneration in stressed affected skin. Improves rough and chapped skin. Has an antiphlogistic effect.
    • Witch Hazel Extract-(Hamamelis Virginiana) is a genus of flowering in the family Hamamelidaceae. Witch Hazel Extract has astringent, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anaesthetic properties, making it indispensable for a variety of different medicinal and cosmetic uses. It is used as an aftershave or a facial astringent, applied to blemishes and pimples, used to cleansed oil from the skin, remove make-up, decrease bag under eyes and skin puffiness, and reduce pore size. Commonly found in anti-aging products as well as in products for blemished or acne-prone skin.
    • Burnock Extract (Arctium Lappa)- it has healing properties on acne skin.
    • Aloe Extract (Aloe Barbadensis)- it helps rebuild your skin. And aids in dermal uptake of nutrients.
    • Grape Seed Oil- (Vitis Vinifera), light in texture and us easily absorbed by the skin. It has great emollient properties, making it an ideal skin care and cosmetic ingredient, without leaving any tacky or oily residue on the skin.
    • Iodopropynyl Butycarbamate- used as preservatives in cosmetics products. It gives your skin soft and silky feeling.

    Direction for use:

    Apply topically on dry cleansed skin concentrating on the affected area.

    Tips: Use acbegone cleanser as your daily facial wash every morning and at night before you sleep or apply acbegone moisturizing gel or acbegone peel off mask. Remember to use Acbegone peel off Mask once a week or twice if your skin type is oily. And never apply Acbegone moisturizing gel on an open wound.

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